Importance of Data Back Up and Best Online Backup Services of 2015

Numerical breakdowns due to data backup failure are not an uncommon scenario. The very thought of losing important data brings in a wave of shock within us. Be it erasing the whole series of Big Bang Theory and Prison Break in one shot or some important data from the office server brings the same crestfallen expression on a face, be it the cool dude next door or the number cruncher. Knowing that every teeny weeny bit of data could be worth thousands of dollars in paper, any form of software corruption, human error, and hardware malfunctions could mean losses worth hundreds of thousands. Why take risks when you can prevent the loss of data? Your online backup is just a few clicks away. Read more to know about these solutions.

1. Backblaze – Backblaze is the one of the best online data back up solutions in 2015. The developers kept everything here in simple and most elegant way. The most significant feature about Backblaze is about it’s capacity. There is no limitation of storage here. So you can upload your full 4K videos and important files without compression and selection. The fee you have to pay for this service is very cheap. Backblaze is available for 5 Dollars per month per computer. If you are planning for a two year plan, the price will come down to 3.96 Dollars. You can visit this website for more details.

2. Crashplan – If you are planning to go for a most secure method for your data back up, then Crashhplan is the solution you are looking for. 448 bit encryption level is in place to bluff hackers and it will take ages for them to get access to your data. Read more about Crashplan from their website and you can find your most suitable plan without making a whole in your pocket.

3. Carbonite – you can define Carbonite in 3 words. Easy to use, Easy to restore and Easy to reach out. Automatic features of Carbonite makes it easy to use. One step restore is the another feature that makes your disaster recovery more easy with the latest available backup. Customer support is the next main highlight where you can reach out to them and get premium support 24*7